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crystal singing bowls

Crystal has many natural features that support its ability to store, transform, amplify and transfer energy, making Crystal Bowl Sound Healing a powerful healing tool. Crystal Bowl Sound Healing is one of the most dynamic forms of healing sound found today. Quartz is a noble, natural material that possesses enormous vibratory power.


My healing bowls are made of quartz crystal. They are able to maintain a continuous balance between electromagnetic energies. This is the same as the energetic field exists in all life forms. The clear quartz can integrate the balance of our own electromagnetic energies.


 The crystal bowls are tuned to the specific vibrational frequencies  

 (432 Hz and 528 Hz)  that can be found in the energy or chakra system of our body. When sound moves through the air and hits us, it causes our cells to move in different directions at a different speed, in rhythm with the sound wave. We go in harmony with the sound wave when it enters our cells.


The earth and our entire body are made up of energy, all vibrating at different frequencies. If we do not have a rhythm in our natural frequency, dis-ease and dis-harmony can manifest.


“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 
― Nikola Tesla

Because of the vibration during healthy healing, our energy channels can release any blockages. Studies have shown that sound has a direct impact on our mental processing, muscles, nervous system, pulse and heart rate, as well as digestive and circulatory systems. 

crystal harp

Crystal harps produce a high vibrational resonance and emit a beautiful frequency. It can be likened to the Music of the Spheres. The ethereal sound is that of angels dancing!

The crystal harp can be used for deep healing and to facilitate profound recalibration of our nervous systems. Music practitioners use the power of the crystal harp to clarify the mind in order to achieve a state of deep meditation. Healing occurs on a cellular level with the divine vibration reaching deep into the soul. 

The harp is made of high purity quartz crystal, they naturally contain the ability to energize, clear and enhance the energy in any environment, making them incredibly resonant. Eight crystal tubes of the crystal harp are precisely matched to the C-size key scale (432 Hz) for a perfect sound. The crystal harp produces powerful, resonant sounds that are multidirectional and multidimensional.


My quartz crystal harp has an amazing, clear, deep and rich vibrational resonance and contains the profound power to heal.

A = 432Hz, known as Verdi's 'A' is an alternative alignment that is mathematically consistent with the universe. Music based on 432Hz emits beneficial healing energy, because it is a pure tone of mathematics that is fundamental to nature.

432 Hz is the magical number that people talk about. It is said that it is the natural frequency of the universe, that it has cosmic healing powers and that a mass audience is drawn to our music.

health benefits

The highly vibrational frequencies from the pure crystal connect to the water in our body and parasympathetic nervous system, soothing and calming it into a state of deep, conscious rest where the immune system can regenerate and thrive. It is also mentally from this calmed theta frequency state that we are most deeply connected to our inner selves, thoughts and feelings, where transformational connection, self love and healing can blossom and bloom.


  • activates higher states of consciousness

  • unlocks blocked emotions

  • relieves anxiety and stress

  • induces complete relaxation

  • promotes deep meditation

  • increases a clear mind

  • improves the ability to concentrate

  • relieves insomnia

  • deeper and restful sleep

  • decreases depression

  • normalizes blood pressure

  • relieves physical pain

  • release emotional trauma

  • feel lighter in your body

  • harmony and flow

yin yoga & crystal


In this unique workshop we, Wilma from Rawlifestyle, and I, give a yin yoga and crystal sound healing workshop. A special combination that your body will receive as a gift. We make a journey through the energy points of your body and you may receive, relax and address your own self-healing and healing capacity on a physical, cellular and mental level.

During yin yoga, almost all postures are sitting or lying down. The postures are held longer to invite body and mindset into the here and now. A feeling of coming home to your own body. During the postures we use breathing techniques to get in deeper contact with your self healing and healing capacity.

We invite you to take time for yourself and to create space. Let go of everything does not serve you, and recharge your batteries with the soothing, rejuvenating and transforming soundhealing massage experience.