One year a ago, I choose kambo as a part of my healing journey. It helped me to discard of a lot of toxins that have been building up over the years, release stuck emotions, keep my mind clear and stay on track.


I received kambo on many different locations, every experience is different but always powerfull. This time i choose for a duo ceremonie and received an auricular treatment.

Maria is a passionate practitioner, She had a great sense of feeling where to help me during my kambo ceremony. She holds a save space so I could do my work. Her icaros helped me a lot to let go in the proces. After the ceremony I received a delicious soup.

I’ll continue to work with Maria and this beautiful medicine to clear and develop myself. 


I would recommend Kambo Green Light to Everyone who feels.... it’s time!

Thank you! Much love,


I got in contact with Maria through a fellow student of mine who already did Kambo a lot times. I chose Maria because she is nearby and there seem not to be a lot of Kambo practitioners around here. But the main reason was that 2 friends of mine Karan and Austin already had a Kambo ceremony with Kambo Green Light so I immediately had a good feeling. 

As I talked a lot about Kambo with Karan and Austin and they told me their positive experiences with it I thought I should definitely give it a try. I am super interested in more traditional medicine than school medicine as they only focus on treating the symtoms instead of really cure the origins of a disease. I am suffering from fatigue kind of my whole life and the normal doctors couldn´t (or weren´t interesting) in helping me. Also, I know that you nowadays take a lot of toxins in your body, from only 'being on earth' though pollution and especially the food that you eat. I tried some Detox methods before but did not really stick to them - I think because it was rather long-term and you did not immediately see results. I am also very very interested in alternative medicine so for me it was clear that I try it. 

So first of all I was very excited about the whole thing and felt very comfortable and confident but when I went on the train the morning of the ceremony I really got afraid. Maybe it was rather respect of a situation that I haven´t encounted before. Like, getting out of your comfort zone. But at the moment I entered her apartment I felt totally fine and convinced to do it. During the session and during my whole stay at her place I felt extremely respected and welcomed. And also after the ceremony was over it was very nice to stay at her place for nice talks, since I knew that she will give me the time I needed to 'recover' and decide on my own when I feel capable of leaving. 

All in all, I couldn't have had a better practitioner than Maria! She really cared about me, with messaging me beforehand and also now. I really felt comfortable from the first moment on. Especially because you were only present for me during the treatment gave me the feeling of secure, so I knew nothing can happen to me, which really unstressed me.


Ah and the next morning I woke up before my alarm which actually never happens. But I kept sleeping until I had to get out of bed but felt very good and full of energy. I have the feeling that I can do more things during the day and not getting tired as soon as before. And what I also noticed was that my backpain totally ceased. I think all of my muscle tensions faded and I felt very good. 

So yeah, everything is totally fine, I am obsessed with Kambo now and I definitely do it again ❤


Some of my friends have had a Kambo Green Light experience and that made me curious. When we were together I felt a relaxed and positive vibe around them. We talked about Kambo Green Light regularly en my interest was increasingly awakened. Somewhere I found it very exciting and after a while I felt more and more that I wanted to do it! The moment I woke up in the morning and had dreamed about Kambo, I knew for sure: 'I'm going to do this!'

My main reason for Kambo is that I wanted to clean my body. I have had a private ceremony with Maria. It is nice to see how much care she spent on the ceremony. I enjoyed the presence and guidance of Maria. She takes the ceremony seriously and does it with love.
The atmosphere that surrounds Maria is very pleasant. It was a special experience that brought me peace and quiet. I'm recommending Kambo Green Light to everyone who feels the calling to do the work with Kambo.


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